PA Support in Warrington, Cheshire

Do you need some PA Support for your business?

Are you so caught up with what you love doing (it’s why you started your business after all), that you can’t see the space where you can increase the revenue and grow your business?

Do you need help with your admin, or to help do some of the jobs on your To Do List that you know will accelerate your business? You either hate the thought of doing them, or just never get around to them….they’re the best ones to delegate to me!

I am a proactive Virtual PA which means that my skill lies in spotting additional opportunities without waiting for you to tell me what to do. Once I start working with you, I like to find out as much about your business and where you are heading so that I can help you move towards those goals more quickly.

We offer 3 packages of support which afford a discount to the pay as you go rate.  All monthly packages are payable at the start of the month before we start our work for you and include a monthly catch up call to keep on track with your support and how you are feeling.

If you don’t see the amount of hours you would like to buy, please contact us, as long as you are happy to pay at the beginning of every month, we are happy to discuss a bespoke package of support.

  • Standard Swift
  • £540
    per month
  • 20 Hours of Support
  • Click Here
  • Super Swift
  • £720
    per month
  • 30 Hours of Support
  • Click Here


What if I don’t use all the hours up?

We don’t mind carrying over 1, 2 or 3 hours (depending on the package) to the next month only, but we don’t allow them to keep building up – we would rather change the package you are on so that you pay less. If you happen to use more, don’t worry, we would let you know when we are within the last 5 hours and ask you what you would like to do – whether to stop or continue to complete the work. We will charge any extra hours at the same discounted rate.

If the things on your To Do List you struggle with are Social Media, Blogs or Email Newsletters, you might want to check out my other services which will get those shifted straight away!

Pay as You Go – Ad Hoc Rate

This rate is based on a pay as you go package, which is flexible to your requirements – you can use as little or as many hours as you like each month.  It can work out quite costly if you don’t know how much time you need support for, so we would always recommend you purchased a packaged rate as explained below.

£30 per hour charged for the exact minutes used

Copy Typing

£9.50 per 1000 words for text or handwritten notes (legible).

Anything that requires formatting or tables is charged at the general pay as you go rate.

Audio Typing

£1.30 per audio minute, or at the hourly ad-hoc rate (minimum of 1 hour charged)

Digital transcription (one person speaking, clear audible voice, no background noise) billable at either charge, whichever you prefer.

What don’t we charge for?

We don’t charge you when we go to make a cup of tea, take a personal break or take a phone call (unless it is to do with the work we are completing for you!).

Every time we stop working on your task, we stop recording our minutes, so that your invoice reflects the ACTUAL time spent on the task and not a minute more.



Do you want a bit of everything?
If you’d like to combine my PA Support and Digital Communication services, contact me for my Platinum Package that encompasses Social Media, Blog Writing and Email Newsletter support all in one. Plus, they are all tailored to your bespoke business requirements.