Facebook Ads Management for Small Business Owners, Warrington Cheshire

Facebook Ads Management – from Leads to Loves!

Do you want to attract a list of leads who are interested in your product or service and then encourage them towards BUYING your products or services?

Would you like to start tracking the exact people who love what you do and take them on the next step of your sales journey?

Would you rather spend your valuable time speaking to people you already know are considering your products or services and convert them into paying clients?!

Sign up to my Facebook Ads Management Package and we will build an audience full of your ideal clients so that you stop being reliant on a social media platform to sell to them.

Protect your business for the long-term. After all we all know we shouldn’t rely on social media platforms. What would happen if you lost your business page and all your profiles? It happens.

A potential customer needs 6 – 8 touches before they are ready to buy. Gathering and nurturing your leads helps keep you front of mind, so that when their pain becomes acute and they really need your help, you are there in front of them with the perfect solution – your product or service!

I will help you create an organised, efficient process that will guide interested people towards your paid for products & services while they get to know you, like you and then trust you. I will then help you create remarketing ads for your paid products so that you are selling your best packages to people most likely to buy from you. Why waste time or money on people who aren’t interested?

My Facebook Ads Management package of support will help you as a coach, creative or health and wellbeing business owner to attract your ideal clients and help you nurture them towards becoming paying customers/clients.

With my support we will build ads that attract, encourage and convince people to buy your products and services.

Facebook Adverts Management to help small businesses, Warrington Cheshire

Together we will create:

  • A seven-day customer journey from opt-in through to sales
  • 1 x lead magnet to attract customers
  • 1 x opt in page for the lead magnet to convince them to sign up
  • 7 x follow-up emails to welcome, nurture and offer leads their next step along your customer journey – guiding them towards buying your VIP product or service
  • Asset audiences for your Facebook page and website to track all new leads
  • Conversion optimised ads to attract leads to sign up to your email list who are more likely to convert to paying clients
  • Ads to remarket your paid offer to all new leads that you’ve attracted so that you can increase your ROI

You will:

  • Have an available budget of £20 per day to spend on Facebook ads
  • Have an email service already set up (otherwise please be prepared to sign up for one)
  • Be prepared to sign up for landing page software (minimal spend)
  • For these test-case packages, you will be willing to sign up to a minimum 3 month contract with me to get maximum ROI and build better quality customer data, which takes time
  • Be responsible to pay my monthly retainer at the beginning of every month (Facebook will bill you directly from their system for the ads budget and I will help you set up the back office admin for this)
  • Be willing to continue to keep in touch with your leads through regular emails

I will also provide:

  • An initial brainstorm zoom call to map out what we will promote and next steps
  • Fortnightly written report of ad statistics
  • Fortnightly zoom call to check in and report on the ad progress

*If you need help setting up any of the back office admin involved, this is charged at my ad-hoc PA rate of £30 per hour on top of the costs of this package*

How much will it cost?

I am offering this package to 3 clients ONLY at only £400 per month – that is 50% off the standard price!

Once these spaces go, the price will double.

Are you interested? Book a FREE call with me today!

This is for you if:

  • You know that to have a constant stream of potential leads coming in, you need to get out there and find them – you can only do so much networking!
  • You have a wealth of knowledge and are an expert in your field – you just aren’t sure how to develop it to attract customers
  • You understand the basics of Facebook Ads, but don’t have the time to learn all the strategy and skills to carry them out
  • You fully appreciate that outsourcing services WILL grow your business.
  • You are committed to growing your business to the next level

This is NOT for you if:

  • You’re not serious about building your business. You’re happy to carry on boosting posts and doing spray and pray marketing
  • You don’t have the budget, but can probably find it. You must be fully committed to make this work.
  • You expect results within the first month – these things can take time to test which is why I recommend 3 months
  • You don’t know who your ideal client is. This is the key to creating your lead magnet – without this preparation, we won’t get off the first step of the ladder.

Don’t waste any more time – book a FREE call with me today!