Let Swift Virtual Assistant help you today!

Are you creatively-minded (right sided brain?) or own a creative business and struggle to deal with boring admin and processes?

It's not how you work, is it??

I get it - you don't like to sit still!

You're excited about creativeness, not creating admin in the office.

Here at Swift Virtual Assistant, I excel in creating calm from chaos.

I offer an executive level virtual PA Support service, along with Digital Communication support in Social Media Management, Blog Writing and Email Newsletters.

I have over 15 years experience in supporting people and helping them to do the best job they can without worrying about how they can get it all done.

I want to work WITH you, not FOR you, to help you succeed in achieving the goals for your business.

I'm a creative at heart, but I have a career built upon a platform of organisation, processes and knowledge of how to do all the tasks you need completing.

Why work with Swift Virtual Assistant?

  I'm experienced at being organised and planning (I love a good list...)
I'm a natural problem solver and committed to finishing a task (some have said tenacious!)
I'm adept at listening and can zoom in on that nugget of key information out of all your conversation.
I'm a people person and creatively-minded, but I love analytics and research - a special mix!
I'm a great teacher, which means I can adapt my communication style to suit you.
I love learning too and I find it easy to translate to others what I find out - great for research and for rewriting into communication.

Are we a match?

Contact me today for a FREE half hour conversation and we can talk about what you need support with.

And if you don't know, we can just have a chat and I'll find out.

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